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Connected Home Hub

The challenge is loved by their shoppers for being a top destination for fashion. However, with a growing base of highly engaged shoppers, the retailer is always seeking new ways to innovate within non-fashion categories and recognised the opportunity to capitalise on the growing demand of their smart technology offering.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

Introducing…’The Connected Home Hub…’

The connected home hub landing page consisted of two routes; route one was designed for shoppers who were new to the smart home category, while route two was for shoppers already in the category. The hub centred on personalisation to both simplify and enhance the shopper journey from start to finish across the category.

We also featured an onsite product picker functionality, to enhance shoppers’ navigation through the category. The product picker asks pre-determined questions and narrows down the shoppers’ product selection, depending on the answers provided. This way, shoppers were able to find the right product for their smart home needs.

We used a host of both on and off-site media, meaning Very’s smart technology offering was unmissable, and that we were connecting to the right shoppers at the right time. To engage with existing shoppers we created and delivered mass personalised emails, encouraging new shoppers in the category and already existing shoppers of the category with different messaging.

We took to Very’s social channels to run competitions and shoppable paid social activities, that created high engagement for the category and exposure for the sponsored brands and products. We also recruited real Very shoppers and influencers to create credibility and make the products relatable. Each influencer filmed themselves in the comfort of their own homes, using and reviewing a hero product that could resonate with shoppers-alike and show the audience how they worked.

The Connected Home Hub and overall media campaign met our objectives of increasing awareness and consideration amongst new and existing shoppers. Some key highlights were:

  • Suppliers involved saw an increase of upwards of 50% on sales of their hero products

  • 11% of sales during the campaign were made by new shoppers to

  • 8 times more shoppers purchased more than one brand during the campaign (vs. pre-period)

  • CTR within the hub was 132% greater than average (vs. benchmark)

Connected Home Hub
The approach

Smart Technology products are one of the most exciting purchases shoppers can make, however the category can also be complex to navigate.

Not only do shoppers experience an overwhelming amount of options and brands, understanding how a product works, its benefits, and which smart technology best suits a shopper’s need can be difficult.

We saw an opportunity to better tailor the experience for shoppers, creating an easy navigation that allowed shoppers to find the smart home technology perfectly suited for them and at the right price.

The campaign strategy? The destination for shoppers to create a ‘smarter connected home’.

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