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Computing Event

Extra Hour

The challenge

The latest ‘modern’ laptops have incredible technology that makes them faster, lighter, and provides longer battery life. However after surveying real Very shoppers, we discovered they were only willing to buy a new laptop if their old PC broke down or there was a compelling offer.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

Instead of talking about complicated product specifications that wouldn’t resonate, we created a tangible and emotional benefit from having a Modern PC that is faster - more time to do the things that matter most in life.

From this was born the idea: ‘What does your extra hour look like?’

We asked Very shoppers what they would do with an extra hour in their day, and used this to link product specifications to everyday scenarios - for example longer battery life enabling them to finish their work on the train home, giving them an extra hour cuddling the kids before bedtime.

We housed this content on a landing page and used Very’s data to target shoppers who purchased a laptop more than 3 years ago and would be open to upgrading, and to target shoppers at times of the day when they are busiest and need to get more done.

Extra Hour
The approach

Our research showed us that Very shoppers didn’t understand or appreciate the benefits of upgrading to ‘modern’ - they felt their current PC worked perfectly well or preferred using a tablet / phone. Our job was to create a clear benefit for them.

From waking up to going to bed, the Very shopper’s day is hectic. What they need more than anything is more time. We distilled this down into one clear insight: “I want to make more time for the big things in life, because I’m always ‘busy being busy’ and ‘the everyday’ just seems to get in the way.”

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