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Football Fever

The challenge

Football is the UK’s most popular sport, and 2018 was set to welcome a huge summer of football with The World Cup returning to screens as well as major finals for FA Cup and Champions League. How could Co-op cut through the noise and be a part of football fever?

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

‘Football is better together’

We created a 2 phased event campaign, relative to the timing of games, that capitalized on the excitement and together moments that football events create in both the build up and during the tournament itself.  

We used campaign messaging to resonate with the shopper mission to find great food and drink ideas to enjoy the game at home together with friends & family. 

The campaign was a total success, with Co-op’s sales growth outperforming the market in every category.

Football Fever
The approach

Threefold knew that people will always be looking for ways to enjoy watching the tournament with others. We wanted to reach everyone from hardcore football fans to the occasional supporters or even those just wanting to support their country in an international event.

However, we also knew that despite any pre-planning for watching particular games with others, the unexpected can, and often, happens. Whether that’s running out of snacks during the game or the spontaneous decision to watch the game at home, we needed viewers to know that Co-op was right around the corner to help with all their Football food & drink.

We were going to get shoppers who were in need of supplies for watching the football with others, to always think of Co-op first for these items, by positioning Co-op as the helpful retailer on hand for those unexpected moments, with everything they may need.

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