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Own Your Stage

The challenge

The Nike AF1 Shadow collection aspires to pay homage to women setting an example for the next generation within their community. We were challenged to shine a light on these women through a focus on dance as the modern workout and a way for women to express themselves freely.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

To encourage confidence, inclusivity, and movement, we employed a group of female influencers who embody a positive, motivational tone of voice and empower themselves via the medium of dance. Each influencer would be united by their interest in dance and fashion, representing a diverse spectrum of styles and body shapes.

We worked with influencers' Chloe, Nifé and Aisha who created dance content using the world as their stage, employing the overarching campaign messaging of 'Owning their Stage'. This content was showcased across the influencers own channels, whereby an empowering, motivational tone of voice was used to encourage the masses that with the Nike AF1, the movement possibilities are endless, no matter where you are, or what your capabilities are.

The content was utilised across a multitude of Very media channels, including an inspirational hub on the Nike brandstore, targeted emails embracing the campaign messaging and aspirational influencer assets, targeted paid social campaigns and more.

Influencer credit: @chloeincurve @itsjustnife @_iamaishaa

Own Your Stage
The approach

With a focus on dance, there was an opportunity to tell a story on how dance can be transformative and a mechanism for inclusivity, empowerment, personal development, and a fun creative outlet for improving both physical and mental health.

'Whether it's the dancefloor, high street, school hall or office meeting room... Own Your Stage with Nike at Very'.  In order to successfully get this message across, we needed to enable women to discover the versatility of her style being an outlet for expressing identity. 

Ulitmately, encouraging the Very shopper that dance is not restricted to a specific performance or technique, but a way to channel positivity and self-confidence.

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