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Toy Team

The challenge

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it's also the most stressful - particularly for parents looking to tick off their child’s wishlist by bagging the must-have toys. For Very and brands, the key trading period was an opportunity to help take the stress out of purchasing the perfect toy in a way that cut through the noise from the competition.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

Working with and not against the trend of “unboxing videos,” Toy Team was born. We filmed bespoke video content of our child Toy Testers, Jack and Mya, who reviewed the products at Very HQ. 

Content was fun and importantly worlds apart from other campaigns in the category; it was key that Mum didn’t perceive this as advertising and had a reason to believe. 

The campaign went live on numerous onsite and offsite media, including a bespoke landing page, in the Toys zone, YouTube pre-roll and social media - ensuring we were reaching parents where and when they needed inspiration most. 

Thanks to their cheeky personalities making them a hit with parents, the Toy Team became the single consistent way that toys were sold at Very for five years - even introducing the next generation of Toy Testers as Mya and Jack grew up!

Toy Team
The approach

It can be difficult for Mum to connect with children’s brands / products. 

We wanted to reassure Mum and give her more confidence when choosing toys, knowing that it’s important to be able to give the toy a whirl before buying and that she relies on reviews. 

Traditionally, toy brands have relied on pester power to drive sales and through YouTube clips of children unboxing and playing with the toys. But, with the inherent issues of marketing to kids and the scepticism it builds with Mum, we decided it was time for a different approach. As an online-only retailer we knew our campaign needed to provide parents a way to “try before they buy”, whilst educating them on what the ‘dream dozen’ toys are this season. 

We did it through product reviews from the intended user - children!

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