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Unlocking Boots 1st Party Data

The challenge

Oral-B wanted to tap into the UK's largest health & beauty retailer's customer data to drive incremental sales of it's Oral-B iO range, optimizing media spend to ensure manual toothbrush shoppers traded up and those lapsed from the electric toothbrush category were retargeted to purchase.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

Our insights showed that technology of the product was central to getting shoppers to convert. We therefore put the tech of the product at the heart of the creative, optimising the creative for carousel still and story video formats. This was then overlaid with a secondary market lading 'save' message in carousel formats. All formats called our 'available at Boots', linking directly through to the product page on to enable a seamless shopper journey.

Unlocking Boots 1st Party Data
The approach

Working with Boots and LiveRamp, we built specific audience segments utilising Boots Advantage Card 1st Party Data to precisely target customers across Facebook and Instagram, including previous Oral B customers, dental customers and manual dental customers. We also utilised a high propensity model build using the wider Boots audience pool to target existing as well as extended lookalike audiences on Meta's platforms.

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