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The challenge

Wimbledon is a competitive time for brands and products, with many campaigns often getting lost amongst the sea of madness. Co-op needed an exciting proposition to ensure that shoppers clearly associated Wimbledon entertaining occasions with Co-op, and knew that Co-op was the destination for all their Wimbledon entertaining needs.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

‘Share your Wimbledon with…’ 

Ultimately, the Wimbledon occasion is about sharing. It’s about sharing an experience, sharing good company, and sharing food & drink. 

We gave brands a chance to be highly visible in stores closest to Wimbledon, in order to capitalise on the increased footfall during the tournament. We knew that 50% of Wimbledon spectators bought food & drink for the event with many purchasing on the day itself. 

We also implemented store takeovers, whereby brands were given the opportunity to partake in an experiential event offering shoppers the chance to win a branded cool bag to take with them to ‘Murray Mound’. 

We created Wimbledon bundles depending on the inevitable types of gatherings we knew fans would be hosting or attending. Whether that was a BBQ, pizza and beer or champagne and strawberries. 

We created these bundles with associated copy to ensure patrons immediately grasped the association between Co-op and Wimbledon, but also of any events they may be hosting or attending.

The approach

Wimbledon is a time for friends to come together in small gatherings and enjoy not only the tennis, but each other's company with delicious food and drink.

We understood that at a broader level, the act of eating together was at risk: 34% of Brits can go a whole week without eating a meal alongside someone else.

Our approach was clear… we needed to make 2018 the year of bringing people together over the Wimbledon period through their food. We were going to make Co-op the convenient destination for everything viewers needed to enjoy the tennis together.

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