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Win Big Together

The challenge

Pladis were going big above the line to support their McVitie's Win Big Together campaign to strengthen their core brand. We needed to carry the campaign through the line into Co-op stores to drive sales.

Raspberry Popsicles
The creative strategy

We recognised that McVities' campaign message ‘win big together’ was a great opportunity to align with Co-op’s overarching togetherness message with both retailer and brand encouraging connection and sharing. But the message needed adapting to the convenience market, which meant using mental shortcuts to drive action. 

We adapted the messaging along the path to purchase to focus on 2 key messages that would resonate with Co-op shoppers AND encourage them to buy: ‘Win 1000s of prizes’ and ‘experiences that bring people together’. The campaign had 37 million impressions during it’s 3 weeks live and achieved 7% incremental sales uplift for the brand at Co-op.

Win Big Together
The approach

The campaign offered shoppers the chance to win big experiences together through the simple, yet meaningful act of sharing a biscuit. 

We needed to raise awareness of the on-pack competition through brandable media, whilst capitalising on the impulse nature for snacking in order to drive incremental sales.

This meant we needed to create a campaign that would reach shoppers no matter what their shopping mission. The campaign ran across the entire path to purchase, including the Co-op website and at the tea fixture to tie into relevant and complementary occasions to drive cross category purchase.

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