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Women's World Cup

The challenge

The FIFA Women's World Cup was the most anticipated sporting event of 2019. Nike wanted to leverage their sponsorship of the official world cup kits to inspire all female athletes to make sports a daily habit, whilst driving sales for Nike sportswear.

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The creative strategy

Encourage. Play. Inspire. #JustDoIt 

We created a campaign incorporating footage from bespoke photoshoots with England footballer, Lioness Alex Greenwood, and child influencers.

The campaign ran across on-site campaign landing pages, social media (paid and organic) and email as well as through our campaign ambassador athlete & influencers' social media channels. We even ran a competition giving two lucky winners the chance to attend an experience of a lifetime at a community-level event in partnership with Sports & Life Skills: a full day’s football and communication skills training from football legend Kelly Smith, Eartha Pond & Nike trainer, Kim. 

The campaign was a roaring success, driving 7% incremental sales on kids football clothing, 135,000 views of the Nike store on Very during the campaign and 37% higher sales overall during the campaign vs. average.

Women's World Cup
The approach

We wanted to create a unique campaign for Nike at Very that tapped into a core shopper audience: families.

Our role was to help Very and Nike to inspire the young athlete by encouraging women and girls into sport through a focus on the Women’s World Cup. 

Despite significant progression and acceptance of women’s sports, football specifically still has low female participation. Yet, it is the fastest growing sport among girls in the UK and a huge 48% of Very shoppers are passionate about football and the World Cup. 

We also knew that young girls were interested in taking part in more sport and joining local clubs if their mum or friends also participated. For them it was about companionship and support. 

Women, men and kids all have a role to play in encouraging young athletes to play football and make sport a daily habit. Encouraging it. Enabling it. Supporting it. Embracing it. Inspiring it. They just might need a little nudge to do it.

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