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Mark your calendars.

Join Threefold and our partners for

1. An exclusive, invite-only VIP dinner experience for retailers and retail media thought leaders.

2. Exceptional food, drinks, and unparalleled networking opportunities with like-minded professionals.

3. A unique, exclusive setting to break through all the noise at major industry events and connect and collaborate with the right people.

Upcoming Dates


The Path to Purchase Institute's Retail Media Summit brings together the entire commerce marketing community to help CPG brands and retailers navigate the shifting world of retail media. Kick off your time in Chicago with Threefold, Microsoft and Broadsign for dinner, drinks, lively discussion and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals working in retail media.

Retail Media Summit

June 25, Chicago

In partnership with




October 6, Las Vegas

Thousands from across the globe flock to Las Vegas each year for Groceryshop, the flagship annual event for the grocery industry. Cut through all that noise, avoid the generic networking opportunities and join Threefold, Particular Audience and PubMatic for an unforgettable evening of great food, drinks and networking opportunities with retail media leaders.

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Coming Soon

Can't attend one of the scheduled dates? There's more where that came from. Register to be notified when new events in the VIP Retail Media Dinner Series are announced.

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