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BMG holds its first roundtable

It was great to recently get together with some of our most important brand partners at BMG during our first roundtable. We discussed learnings, ideas and opportunities for retail media at Boots UK.

Our partnership with Boots has development significantly over the last year and we're so excited to continue growing together in the years ahead.

· +1,500 campaigns delivered across a portfolio of +400 brands for categories including beauty, healthcare and toiletries.

· Robust commercial reporting – in year 1, BMG delivered 47% YoY growth in brand media investment.

· Creation of an annual events calendar for seasonal shopper moments such as Halloween and Valentine’s, delivering 406% brand media investment above target.

· Improved campaign performance reporting using Threefold’s proprietary data and performance software Plan-Apps, with all campaigns now receiving an evaluation vs only 20% before BMG was created.

· Professionalisation of the Boots UK media offering, including a fair and transparent, market benchmarked, toolkit and rate card.

· Expansion of Boots UK media estate to now offer suppliers holistic marketing plans that talk to shopper across the full path to purchase ( and in-store).

BMG Roundtable


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