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Boots Media Group turns 1!

Boots Media Group - Threefold
Boots Media Group - Threefold

As BMG turns 1, we wanted to take the opportunity to look back over the last year and reflect on some of the fantastic work that the Threefold team have achieved in partnership with Boots.

There has been a whole host of developments in the retail media offering at Boots including the BMG events calendar, the introduction of more channels, the development of Audience 360, the integration of Plan-Apps as well as investment into a much bigger BMG Threefold team!

The success of BMG was, and continues to be, reliant on brilliant collaboration with all of our brand partners and we are incredibly grateful all of the supplier brands embracing our vision of creating an industry leading retail media proposition.

There is still so much more on the horizon over the coming newsletter, and a sneak peak will be detailed below.


2023 Toolkits and Rate Cards

12 months ago we relaunched the BMG toolkit and rate card and since then we have continued to build and optimise the media channels available to our partners.

We are happy to share that new and exciting channels are now available to book including updated in-store media, out of home advertising, and store takeovers. In addition, we have reviewed and revised our rates in line with market benchmarks and analysis of performance data. We will continue to review and refine the media offering available through BMG to ensure it remains competitive as we move through the year. Please get in touch to receive the new materials.



Over the last quarter we have activated some exciting campaigns across Boots channels including Love Island, Festival Fever, Wedding Season and all things Summer. This has brought a whole host of exciting new opportunities from activation on Boots' Instagram live to product placements in the Love Island villa.

Due to the success of the events calendar, we have recently launched the 2022/23 events calendar which has seen the return of some much loved favourites including Awards Season, Brands We Love, alongside some exciting new events for Q3 and Q4 such as Halloween, Christmas and The World Cup. Speak to your client team contact about how you can get involved.



Plan-Apps has been successfully rolled out with over 575 studies uploaded to date. These evaluation studies will be key to your planning and will give you the insight you need to help you meet the objectives of your future campaigns. There is more to come from Plan-Apps though and below you can see what you can expect…

Phase one has been focused on the rollout of the evaluations capability. Over the coming weeks we will be integrating more channels including Boots App, homepage and brand treatments so keep an eye out for these.

In phase two, the client team will move to building campaign proposals in Planner and they will be sharing these with you shortly. Planner will enable you to see all of your plans in one place. If you have any questions on Plan-Apps, please get in touch with your client contact, we look forward to hearing your feedback!


Audience 360

Audience 360 launched in March and since then we have worked with lots of our brand partners to deliver some brilliant campaigns across social and programmatic.

Audience 360 allows brands to use Boots' 1st party data to activate media campaigns on and offsite. The technology offers the ability to reach Boots’ audiences and provides a robust measurement capability with on and offsite sales attribution.

We are continuing to work with our media partners to add more channels to the Audience 360 proposition such as digital audio and CTV. For more information about how you can get involved, get in touch with your client team contact.


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