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Employee Spotlight: adidas x Very

What’s been your favourite campaign that you’ve worked on since joining Threefold? I’d have to say the Here to Create adidas performance campaign we executed in November 2018. It was certainly a highlight to be involved in and lead from a Threefold perspective. adidas have always been one of our key clients and one I look forward to working on, but the campaign brief in this instance posed a new opportunity that was bigger than we’d ever done before. What made it so special? Everything! It was the biggest campaign we had executed to date which meant lots of firsts and it was super exciting for everyone involved. The opportunity had arisen from a brand conversation to do bigger and better things, so we went BIG. We worked with new partner agencies and developed an idea that aligned really closely to the one adidas had chosen to leverage their national campaign launch. Being our biggest campaign to date at that point meant that planning the campaign took approximately nine months, working and managing a series of new, specialist agencies alongside adidas and The Very Group.

The campaign had three different elements; the ‘pre-campaign period’, the ‘live campaign period’ and ‘post-campaign period’, announcing the launch of adidas’ new collection. The launch event saw celebrities, press and influencers attending, featuring a special performance of Dua Lipa, one of the national faces of the collection. The event was later opened out to the public with fitness classes ran by adidas athletes, local businesses with live demonstration workshops and healthy pop-ups to fuel visitors day and night.

The two-day event was a huge success and something that both Threefold and The Very Group were proud to be able to partner with adidas on. The event was noticed by all with board members and strategic partners attending and joining in.

What has been the biggest impact for you at Threefold as a result of being a part of the campaign? At Threefold, we love a challenge and thrive from it! For me, the biggest impact was the credibility that this campaign was able to bring both internally and externally. It shows what Threefold are made of and that we can achieve great things when working with big ideas. This was the beginning of utilising influencers more within our campaigns and has since resulted in some great campaigns, using this as a best in class case study.

What learnings have you taken? Key learnings for this one is always to aim big and stay organised. It’s easier to think about big ideas and what we could do for clients, but tougher to execute them with excellence and be recognised. When working with such big brands of strategic significance, it is super important to remain grounded and composed throughout to get the job done in the best way.

As this was the first of its kind, there were some key learnings with logistics and exposure but overall, it’s the value of knowing we did a great job and we can do it again even bigger and better!

What’s next? As some time has passed since this specific campaign we have developed new opportunities with adidas, partnering on different celebrity campaigns and we have increased activity year on year. Additionally, we have been able to pitch more innovative thinking within our event campaigns across the business, so watch this space!


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