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Employee Spotlight: Events

What’s been your favourite campaign that you’ve worked on since joining Threefold? As an agency, we’re incredibly fortunate to work with literally hundreds of brands each and every year. However, I particularly enjoy seeing our Events programme come to life across our retail partners, whether that be Summer of Football at Co-op or the Very Best programme at The Very Group. What made it so special? These projects all start with a core challenge at the heart, which as a team we are responsible for creating a solution. Bringing multiple clients together can present some challenges but with a bit of creative thinking, we always find a way and what’s more, the results for our Events often speak for themselves.

What has been the biggest impact for you at Threefold as a result of being a part of the campaign? The Events we create with and for our retail partners, often give us the opportunity to stretch our ‘creative’ legs. Over the course of the year, we’ll work with our retail partners to super charge their core Events such as ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Back to School’ and ‘Black Friday’ but we’ll also create our own Events which don’t just compliment the trading calendar but meet the commercial objectives of both clients and our retail partners as well. We’ll take an idea or theme and from concept to execution we’ll make it happen, a couple of recent examples include our hyperlocal Wimbledon activation for Co-op and our experiential campaigns for Adidas at The Very Group. What learnings have you taken? Although Events have been a significant part of our offer since day 1, we continue to review in detail what we can do better each and every time, it’s not necessarily about wholesale change with each Event but ensuring the improvements we make are informed by data. In our role, we’re lucky to have access to lots of data through our retail partners but we focus the efforts of our team on working through the raw numbers to generate meaningful insight, which in turn allows us to make sensible and informed choices for the future. What’s next? 2020 really is going to be the year of Events, specifically, we’ve got lots of brilliant sporting moments to look forward this year from the Euro’s to the Olympics, so on a personal level I am really excited to see how we’ll bring these to life for our retailers and clients alike.


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