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Employee Spotlight: The Very Best

What’s been your favourite campaign that you’ve worked on since joining Threefold?

My favourite campaign has to be ‘Very Best’ specifically within the Computing category.

What made it so special?

This was our first campaign where real Very shoppers became the stars. We went through an interview process to find our real shoppers, understanding their lifestyle to determine how the laptop could help them. Once we picked the final four it was time to hear all about what they thought of the four hero laptops; capturing their reviews through engaging and natural video and still life imagery hosted in their homes or out and about to showcase the benefits of the devices.

For the first time within the category, we took a new approach that made a potentially confusing and overwhelming category more appealing to the Very shopper. This was something that our clients were keen to see come to life as it was not a ‘typical’ campaign to market laptops, showcasing a unique opportunity for Very to appeal to their target audience.

What has been the biggest impact for you at Threefold as a result of being a part of the campaign?

For me, it’s been great seeing the campaign come together from start to finish. Being able to be a part of building a bespoke strategy that has both the brands and Very as a retailer at the forefront, and then seeing it go live across different media channels has been really rewarding. We worked with seven different clients to bring the campaign to life who were all individually able to communicate their brand messaging. This was a great opportunity to really understand the approach we needed to take.

What learnings have you taken?

When something doesn’t feel achievable, follow your gut and keep pushing. Whether it’s landing that extra campaign or securing a stronger media plan, we can achieve so much more when we put our mind to it!

What’s next?

Taking the Very Best campaign out of the Computing category alone and rolling out alignment across all electrical categories. By doing this we can help to deliver new shoppers, innovative media opportunities and stronger ROI for our brands.


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