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Jan. 30: Retail media isn't solely a digital enterprise

Threefold has launched its first-ever newsletter, Unfold. You can read the entire first edition and all future editions, published biweekly, by subscribing now on Threefold's LinkedIn page.

Unfold with Threefold
Unfold is a biweekly newsletter from Threefold covering all things retail media.

In this edition, we break down why the store is key to retail media success, plus contextualize updates from NRF, Cooler Screens and Planet Fitness.

Hello, and welcome to the first-ever edition of Unfold, a newsletter from Threefold! Twice each month, we’ll meet right here on LinkedIn to discuss what’s going on in our booming retail media industry, and we’ll add key context and insights backed by our 15 years of experience in the space.

As a bonus, each week our experts will debunk a pervasive myth about retail media, adding necessary context to conversations about how we make retail media better for all: retailer, brand and shopper.

This week, we’re debunking the myth that retail media is solely a digital enterprise


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