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What's in store for Threefold at NRF '24: Retail's Big Show

We are just a couple of days out from the start of NRF ‘24: Retail’s Big Show at the Javits Center in New York City. It’s not our first time attending the can’t-miss retail trade show, but we’re thrilled to share that we at Threefold – for the first time – will be taking the stage to share our retail media insights.

NRF '24: Retail's Big Show. What's in store for Retail Media Networks. The state of in-store media will take place Saturday, January 13 at 11:40 a.m. in Javits North, Level 4. That panel will feature Lee LeFeuvre, Chief Commercial Officer at Threefold. Amber Roberts, Partnership Director, will speak on Why data counts on Saturday, January 13 at 1:00 p.m. in Javits North, Level 4.
Threefold's Lee LeFeuvre and Amber Roberts will take the stage at NRF '24: Retail's Big Show.

It’s a big year for retail media at NRF. Not only will retail media have a presence throughout the entire show January 14-16, but the National Retail Federation, in partnership with our friends at STRATACACHE, have extended the show and added an entire day of retail media-oriented programming. What’s even more exciting is that Threefold will appear on stage not just once, but twice during the event to share our learnings from operating more than 10 Retail Media Networks over the past 15 years.

Titled “What’s in store for Retail Media Networks,” here’s what the NRF has to say about the day of programming on January 13:

In the first event of its kind, NRF and STRATACACHE are partnering to dedicate a full day before NRF 2024: Retail's Big Show (January 14-16) to take a deep dive into how in-store media networks will deliver significant streams of new revenue from the physical store.
Retail media is a $45 BILLION market this year and will continue to grow by about $10 BILLION in 2024.

It’s going to be a big year for retail media. We’re looking forward to starting with a bang at NRF.

What you can expect from Threefold at NRF

Lee LeFeuvre, Threefold’s Chief Commercial Officer, will take the stage at 11:40 a.m. Saturday for a panel discussion titled “The state of in-store media: Non-US perspectives.” Lee will be joined by Dean Harris, Head of Retail Media & Membership at Co-op, for a discussion moderated by Andy Murray, founder of BigQuest.

Lee and Dean will discuss with Andy the evolution of Co-op’s retail media offering, particularly as it pertains to how its RMN has taken a truly omnichannel approach to retail media that has leveraged in-store touchpoints to drive sales and additional revenue. Since Threefold and Co-op first joined forces in 2017, Co-op’s RMN offering has grown immensely, added dozens of new channels and increased compliance to 80%.

With more than 80% of all retail sales in the US occurring in physical stores, we at Threefold know the importance of the store to activating effective retail media campaigns. That’s why we’ve spent years activating them across our retail media partnerships, including at Co-op.

Lee and Dean will also speak to:

  • The digitization of the store

  • How consistent measurement and data is key to securing brand dollars

  • The importance of streamlining collaboration between retailer and brand

  • How in-store retail media stands to make the shopping experience better for consumers

Then, following a break for lunch, we’ll pick right back up with Threefold Partnership Director, Amber Roberts, who will take the stage at 1:00 p.m. for a panel discussion titled “Why data counts - Extending monetization across all retail channels.” Amber will be joined in the discussion by Lori Johnshoy, Head of Retail/CPG/Media Network Strategy at LiveRamp; Howard Luks, VP of Vertical Development, CPG and Retail at LiveRamp and Ben Reynolds, VP of Business Development at Walkbase.

Amber will share more perspectives on Threefold’s approach to in-store retail media, particularly as it pertains to data derived from the store. At Threefold, data is at the core of every decision we make. We know that a retailer’s in-store consumer behavior data offers great potential to enhance a retailer and brand’s targeting capabilities online and offsite. Amber will share how valuable this data is to retailers and brands looking to make their retail media work as hard and as effectively as possible to grow revenue and foster loyalty in this next era of retail media.

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Additionally, you can expect to see Threefold Co-founder Matt Lee, Client Director Tara Hekmat and Marketing Manager Connor Perrett at the Javits Center during NRF. If you see us, be sure to say hello!

If you’d like to set up time to chat retail media with our experts, drop us a line at

We’ll see you at the Javits Center!

Lee LeFeuvre

About Lee LeFeuvre

Lee LeFeuvre is the Chief Commercial Officer at Threefold, part of the SMG agency network, where he’s responsible for the commercial performance of a group of media specialist agencies that also include Capture and Plan-Apps.

Lee has held senior roles within the marketing industry for over a decade. Following a five-year stint at Blue Chip Marketing, an agency that specializes in strategic and creative BTL marketing, shopper and digital services, Lee joined the SMG agency network in 2013.

Lee has held numerous roles at Threefold, most recently as Managing Director, where he led a team of retail media experts to build media campaigns that connected with shoppers and grew demand for Threefold's clients and partners.

Amber Roberts

About Amber Roberts

Amber Roberts is the Partnership Director at Threefold, part of the SMG agency network, where she leads the team building retailer partnerships in North America. Amber joined Threefold in 2023.

As a seasoned retail veteran, Amber has spent nearly two decades working across the industry, from Fortune 100 and Global 300 companies to startups. Amber previously spent about four years working for Kroger, where she was one of the first digital hires, established the framework for its current RMN offering and launched several multi-billion dollar businesses and alternative revenue streams.

Most recently, Amber worked as a consultant for small- and mid-sized grocery retailers to develop their omnichannel marketing strategies.

About Threefold

Founded in 2008, Threefold is the world's leading Retail Media Network (RMN) specialist, headquartered in both London and New York. As part of the SMG agency network, which employs over 250 retail media experts, Threefold's primary mission is to unlock incremental CPG budgets, curate media campaigns that supercharge sales and elevate its retail partners into top-tier omnichannel media owners, spanning in-store, offsite and online.

Threefold's services include consultancy, evaluation, and a white-label in-house solution that has seen the agency build, run and operate over 10 Retail Media Networks to date. In the UK, Threefold runs and operates Walgreens' Boots Media Group and Morrisons Media Group, and additional live partners include major retailers like The Co-op, Signet Group and The Very Group.


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