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Our key NRF takeaway insights

We're back from the NRF in the Big Apple and here's what we learnt

Takeaway 1: There is a step change underway in digital enhancement; the digitalisation of store estate and the technology that delivers personalised advertising through digital point of sale media will make 2023 'the year of the store'.

Takeaway 2: There is a growing importance of 1st party data as retailers look to help personalise shopper experiences in partnership with their CPG advertisers, helping suppliers target customers through the full media funnel

Takeaway 3: Sustainable value without compromise is key; consumers intend to switch spending from discretionary purchases into more essential CPG categories. They are looking at the value equation in all categories. 65% of consumers find rising prices and inflation one of their top 3 concerns and expect to feel the effects of a recession over the next 12 months.


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