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We're giving away a retail media campaign

Hello, Retail Media Summit Canada!

Yes, we’re giving away our services for free. And just this once, we won’t just tell, but will demonstrate at no cost the massive retail media opportunity for your business. We’ll give you a taste of the revenue you’re losing out on without the power of Threefold behind your retail media strategy.

Win a retail media campaign from Threefold. Let the global experts show you how we supercharge retail media. On us.
Enter now to win Threefold's retail media services for free.

For the past 15 years, Threefold has been on the cutting edge of retail media, building and operating 10 Retail Media Networks for major retailers. Now, we want to give back and show you how it’s done.

But first, what is retail media?

Retail media is the premier way for brands to reach shoppers across the path to purchase. Retail media unlocks a lucrative additional revenue stream for retailers, and for brands, retail media enables marketing campaigns that elevate sales. Retail media is omnichannel, meaning it involves activating campaigns everywhere across that path: in-store, online and offsite.

Above all else, retail media improves the shopper experience by enabling personalized marketing campaigns that reach the consumer wherever and however they shop.

Why Threefold?

Our award-winning approach to retail media is consistently driven by data. We know what works in-store, online and offsite to drive sales and build consumer loyalty for both retailers and brands based on more than a decade of data-backed insights. Our Plan-Apps technology makes it easy for retailers and brands to plan, activate and evaluate personalized campaigns to drive future retail media strategies.

What do I win?

The retail media giveaway winner will earn the opportunity to have our experts execute one retail media campaign and explore Threefold’s full spectrum of services to generate sales and grow profit. Each Threefold-powered retail media campaign is carefully crafted to meet the needs and goals of the retailer and brand. Every retailer is unique, and Threefold’s retail media expert team has the scope to understand and adapt to the nuances of each retail environment.

Why are we giving it away? We are eager to show the market exactly the value Threefold brings.

Threefold has a proven track record of delivering measurable, impactful retail media campaigns that secure additional revenue and drive loyalty for retailers and brands. Don’t take our word for it. Enter to win and let us show you how we do it at no cost to you.

Who is eligible to enter?

  • Any retailer based in the US or Canada.

  • Any brand that wants to launch a retail media campaign through a US or Canadian retailer partner.

To learn more about the retail media giveaway or to chat about this opportunity, please contact us at, and a retail media expert will get back to you with more details.

About Threefold

Founded in 2008, Threefold is the world's leading Retail Media Network (RMN) specialist, headquartered in both London and New York. As part of the SMG agency network, which employs over 250 retail media experts, Threefold's primary mission is to unlock incremental CPG budgets, curate media campaigns that supercharge sales and elevate its retail partners into top-tier omnichannel media owners, spanning in-store, offsite and online.

Threefold's services include consultancy, evaluation, and a white-label in-house solution that has seen the agency build, run and operate over 10 Retail Media Networks to date. In the UK, Threefold runs and operates Walgreens' Boots Media Group and Morrisons Media Group, and additional live partners include major retailers like The Co-op, Signet Group and The Very Group.

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