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Why we're so passionate about commerce media

We all know that if you’re passionate about your work – you’re more successful at it – and at Threefold we LOVE commerce media. Why? Because it works for EVERYONE and has the power to inspire, educate and improve shopping – an experience that can be so many things: mundane, confusing, overwhelming, time pressured, frustrating even! If you are still wondering why we’re so passionate about this piece of the marketing mix – then this article is for you!

How many times have you wandered round a supermarket looking for ‘inspiration’ for something for dinner? Remember that time you wanted a new laptop but were confused as to which was best for you? What do you need to buy to make some impressive looking cocktails for your get-together on Saturday night? And what can I buy for the woman who has everything? No matter what the challenge is – commerce media can solve it.

We’re passionate about it because we know it works too. We can prove it to you. Whether you are a brand, a retailer or a shopper – it works for everyone AND in so many ways.

As a brand, how much would you love to stand next to your product on the shelf, or on the screen and tell shoppers what they will love about it? You’d tell them how good it tastes, how it’s made with the best ingredients in the world, how you’ve transformed the packaging to be 100% sustainable. You might also tell shoppers how nice it would taste with that wine just over there…

Well, commerce media does just that – it helps you tell your story to the shopper – the person in charge of spending money on your products. This interaction at every single point of purchase is possible…and in so many ways.

As a retailer, monetising your media estate is only the start of the benefits. We’ve already told you that commerce media works for the brand, which means it also works for you too – if the brand sees a sales uplift – so does the retailer. By enabling your brands to speak to your shoppers, they will likely buy that product from you.

As a retailer, you also want to have a meaningful conversation with your shoppers. Why should they buy that product from you? What can you offer that your competition cannot? Work with your brands to create something unique and added-value for your shoppers … and then tell the shopper about it.

Finally – we are all shoppers – no matter where we are. We want a pleasant experience and a solution to whatever we’re looking for (even if we didn’t know we were looking for it). We want to find a way to impress our friends with cocktails in the garden. We want to choose the best headphones for the gym and the commute. We also want to do it quickly and easily. Commerce media helps us do this, even if we don’t realise it at the time.

Hopefully we’ve explained that there’s much to be passionate about and we’ve only just scratched the surface! However, if you’re still not convinced – think about your own experiences. For instance, when you’ve been willing to spend money on a product but you couldn’t find it or didn’t understand which option was best for you. Maybe you had it in your hand before being tempted by a competitor product. Think about when you are browsing for a nice bottle of wine – what is it that jumps out at you? How about when you’ve spent money on a product that you really didn’t expect to – what prompted that decision? There’s a good chance that the answer to these questions lies in commerce media.

To discuss any of the above, get in touch - we're always keen for a cuppa, even if it's virtual.


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