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Mike England

Planning Director

After leading the Mothercare partnership, I now lead the longest running partnership, The Very Group. Working with an incredible team, I am responsible for overseeing both the client and campaign teams and making sure everything is on track and going to plan.

Quick Q&A

Mike England

Best experience at Threefold?

Joining a well establish Mothercare Team and helping them to deliver against our full year target.

Favourite Campaign?

The launch of the new Britax Dualfix car seat campaign. Building on from some great ground work on campaigns the previous year, we launched Britax's new flagship car seat on the back of 'real' mums reviews. The campaign delivered great results and further cemented the strong relationship with Britax unlocking further investment.

What are you known for?

Having a bit of a strange accent and being a stickler for process and organisation.

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